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About Mister Bandana

Mister Bandana is an advanced technology platform enabling end-to-end actionable wearable performance insights at scale.

Through Holistically Optimized, Targeted Technology Interface-Enabling architecture (HOTTIE), our robust science-based learning applications deliver first-in-world customer value.

Our Software-as-a-Service User Experience Y-Combinator (SSExY) delivers programmatic wearable technology, scaled to behavioral inputs.

Through the use of Big Data and Machine Learning, Mister Bandana is able to forecast and catalyze moments of Year-over-year Asset-Stacked Seamless Subscriber Satisfaction (YASSS).

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Mister Bandana – Up for Anything


Brand statement:

Mister Bandana is a purveyor of hand-crafted, 100% cotton, USA-built bandanas. Tropical on the outside, athletic on the inside. We take the traditional notion of a bandana, deconstruct it, and then run it through a Hadron Collider. When you’re wearing Mister Bandana, you’re up for anything.


About us:

Mister Bandana is a first-in-world wearable technology company. We create radically scalable performance platforms – also known as bandanas – to adorn your head, neck, and back pocket. Our 100% cotton performance bandanas are sourced from raw materials developed through a revolutionary technology known as photosynthesis. Using just water, nutrients, and electromagnetic energy, the Gossypium hirsutum plant produces an athletic-grade fiber which is tightly woven into a substrate by our carefully vetted suppliers. Using a printing process developed in our proprietary Bandana Lab, we take this polymer and transform it into a piece of f***ing art. The end result is a hand-crafted, all-cotton, mind-blowing bandana which gets softer with every wash, and which will enhance your (already impressive) physique and persona.


The founders of Mister Bandana are Josh and Roko. We’re based in New York City, and we’re completely obsessed with bandanas. Who are these two fathers of Mister Bandana?  By day, Josh is an environmental scientist, working with clean energy firms to promote the use of renewables and energy efficiency. And Roko by day is a technology business developer, providing API infrastructure for financial markets. That’s all well and good, but Josh and Roko prefer to focus on our passion – designing and producing the world’s finest bandanas. Please enjoy the fruits of our labor – strap on your Mister Bandana and follow your dream!


Sustainability & Supply Chain Responsibility:

At Mister Bandana, we believe in manufacturing great products, without leaving a trail of destruction behind us. We have chosen to do all our printing and packaging here in the U.S., where we have some transparency into our supply chain. All of our suppliers and subcontractors are small businesses, just like us, and we prefer it that way. When possible, we purchase USA-grown cotton for our bandanas, so that we know it was grown with environmental and labor regulations in place. In the future, we hope to source ALL of our cotton from the USA, to help support our farmers. Even better, we will aim to support organic farmers. When there’s a choice, we choose organic and recycled materials. Across our supply chain, we apply Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology to determine which materials and processes in our supply chain are less impactful on the environment (one of us is trained as an environmental scientist, so we actually like doing this!). Mister Bandana loves the great outdoors, clean air, and clean water, and we pledge to make our products without messing it all up. (Insert fish, animal, tree emojis)


The Mister Bandana Story


We were just two regular finance bros from Stanford that one day looked up from our Excel spreadsheets and realized we needed to quit our jobs and take a trip to Bali to create a line of recycled surfboards that empower orphans to get into venture capital… just kidding.  


But seriously, we are two regular guys with an obsessive love for bandanas, and we figured we'd share this love with the world.   


Bandanas are amazing because you can rock them as a statement piece while also protecting your neck from the ravages of the sun.  Form and function, win-win.


We've been loving and wearing bandanas basically since birth, but we felt the current bandana game could be improved.  So we started our company and created the three pillars of Mister Bandana, which go into every bandana we sell: 

1.  Look GOOD - Keep it fresh and use bold designs that look amazing and take the traditional paisley game to the next level. Your body is a unique masterpiece and it deserves to be wrapped in bandanas that enhance your hotness.

2.  Feel GOOD - We searched high and low to source 100% cotton for that soft yet rough feel. We use only nontoxic water-based dyes. Our high-performance bandanas work in the heat of summer, in the cold depths of winter, at the beach, in the club, and underwater. 

3.  Make it GOOD - We support local manufacturers, and only use USA-grown cotton.


We hope you love our bandanas.