About Mister Bandana

We are Josh and Roko, the founders of Mister Bandana. We're two guys with a simple dream: to create eye-popping, exciting bandanas that are 100% made in the USA.  

Our company was born in 2018 in the East Village of NYC. We had always loved bandanas, and wanted to make our own designs. Being new to this unknown world, we started by taking night classes to learn the basics of fabric printing. Then one fateful night, we created our first product: the so-called "Jacked Lion" bandana, featuring a muscular Tarzan battling a rampaging lion in the jungle, dripping with sweat and blood.

Since then, we have dedicated our waking hours to creating the bandanas of our dreams

Meet the Founders

Josh came originally from Southern California, and by day is an environmental scientist, working to bring clean energy to the electrical grid. The "creative" part of the duo, he seeks inspiration from the great outdoors to conjure up new designs. His favorite bandana is "Nature's Bounty," a tribute to the mallard duck. 🦆

Roko came originally from Croatia, and by day is a technology consultant specializing in cloud infrastructure. The "tech" part of the duo, he makes sure that all of our products at Mister Bandana are blockchain-enabled and AI-driven (just kidding, our bandanas are just regular cotton). His favorite bandana is "Jacked Lion," which was originally painted by his father in then-Yugoslavia in the 1980s - read the full story here.

Company History 

For the first two painful exciting years of our company's existence, our "office" was located in our small studio apartment, in New York's East Village. Most start-ups are born in a garage, but there aren't any garages in NYC - so bandana-filled Ikea shelves were double-stacked to the ceiling.

Having survived that cramped hellscape creative incubator stage, we're pleased to announce that in late 2020, we moved to a real office on Broadway and 30th Street, in New York's historic Garment District. 

Some history about the Garment District: in the 1950s and 1960s, 95% of clothing sold nationally was made in the USA, much of it manufactured here in the Garment District. Now, just 5% of clothing is USA-made. We're proud to be part of the movement to bring manufacturing jobs back to this historic District. 


Our Philosophy

We, the founders of Mister Bandana, feel passionately about making our bandanas entirely in the USA. 🇺🇸

We source our cotton from American-based suppliers in the Carolinas and the Garment District of NYC. The cotton for many of our bandanas is grown domestically and milled right in South Carolina.

Every one of our bandanas is printed in the USA. We work with an amazing network of independently-owned printers based in Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and California.

Cutting, Sewing & Hemming
Our hard-working cutters/hemmers are 100% domestic, located in South Carolina, North Carolina, and in the Garment District of New York City.

We assemble every order right here in our NYC office, using domestically-sourced packaging - our boxes, envelopes, inserts, and stickers are all made in the USA. We use biodegradable paper-based packing as much as we can, to minimize the use of plastic.

Our Mantra
We’re proud to build USA-made bandanas for all people who celebrate the American dream. Whether you’re a dude, a lady, or fluid like the mighty Mississippi, we’ve got a bandana for YOU. Every one of our bandanas contains the All-American ingredients of diversity, freedom, opportunity, hard work, respect, and fearlessness. When you’re wearing Mister Bandana, you’re up for anything. ENJOY!!!