Face Mask tutorial

Credit to the US Surgeon General, here is our version of how to fold a face mask out of a bandana, in under one minute!

All your questions answered

Do you have tips for how to wear a bandana?


There are hundreds of use cases – from sun protection, to soaking up sweat, to adding some swankiness to your outfit.  Here are our top 10 favorite. If you have your own innovative or unexpected ideas for wearing a bandana, tag your photo on Instagram or Facebook, and share your vision with the world.  

Risk-taking is encouraged!

Where are you bandanas made?

All our bandanas are proudly made in the USA! We feel strongly about producing American-made goods, using U.S.-based suppliers. Our printers and hemmers are located in the Carolinas, Virginia, California, and New York City’s Garment District. Our cotton is sourced domestically, much of it from South Carolina.

We also purchase our packaging materials (boxes, envelopes, stickers, etc.) from USA-based manufacturers.

Are they soft, or stiff, or what?

Our bandanas are all different, based on the cotton and printing type. Our bandanas at the $25 to $30 price-point are screen-printed and sold unwashed, and may have a stiff texture until washed (they get softer with every wash, like a pair of jeans). Our $45 price-point bandanas are printed using the reactive-dye process, which penetrates the fabric and bonds directly with the cotton fibers, resulting in a soft hand-feel. If you’re looking for our softest bandanas, it’s the "Silkies," which are printed on an ultra-lightweight Pima lawn cotton – they are soft and supple, right out of the package. Also, we have a few bandanas printed on unbleached natural cotton, which is soft and almost feels like flannel – this includes Creatures, Simpler Times Rattan, and Tahiti Nights Rattan.

Can I machine wash them?

Yep, we recommend machine-washing cold, and air drying flat to retain shape.

What kind of hem do you use?

Our bandanas at the $25 to $30 price-point have machine interlock hems. Our bandanas at the $45 price-point have rolled hems, aka “baby” hems, hand-finished by our amazing seamstress in the Garment District of NYC.

What size are they?

Our standard bandana size is 21.5” x 21.5”, which in our humble opinion, is the perfect size to wear as a headband, tied around your neck, or stuffed into your pocket. As of early 2022, we also have some new 27” x 27" larger size bandanas in our "Silkies" collection, which we call the "Grandes." We will be rolling out more of these Grandes - sign up for our newsletter to be informed of new product launches.

Do you make custom or white-label bandanas?

No! We’d like to, but we don’t have time. We both have day jobs that we’re trying not to get fired from.

Do you do artist collaborations?

Yes! Send us your portfolio or design ideas at hello@misterbandana.com. We love meeting new artists.

Do you support any charities?

Hell yes! We support the Hetrick Martin Institute (HMI), an organization in our hometown of NYC which provides support and education for LGBTQ+ youth aged 13-24. We love this organization, and all they do for our community. Two of our bandanas  - the “Discus of Unity”  and the "Atlas of Unity” – were designed by talented young artists from HMI, and all the proceeds are donated back to this fantastic organization. We also support another great cause, the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI). Our “Together” bandana was designed to support EJI and promote the message of togetherness. Read more about the origin story of this bandana here.

Can I be a MB ambassador?

Right now we don’t have a formal program set up, but check back. In the meantime, tag yourself on Instagram, and we will greatly appreciate it, and so will the world!

What’s up with shipping? What if my package hasn’t arrived?

You can choose your preferred shipping method at checkout – USPS, FedEx, or UPS. (And don’t forget, you get free USPS shipping on any order of 3+ bandanas). When using USPS, we always ship First Class or Priority, which allows online tracking – so you can track the bandanas on their journey. Read more about our shipping policy here. If your package appears to be delayed or missing, email us at hello@misterbandana.com and we'll determine what's going on.

Do you ship international?

Yes! Once you’ve placed an item in your cart, type in your address, and you will see available shipping methods and costs to your destination. Read more about our shipping policy here.

How do you enter a discount code?

After you hit Check Out, there will be a clickable field that says “Add a discount code or a gift card” – click on that, and type in your code.

I changed my mind – can I return or exchange my bandana?

Absolutely. We’re not happy unless you’re happy. For exchanges or refunds, email us at hello@misterbandana.com.

Do you make pet bandanas or pet triangles? Specifically, a dog bandana for my spoiled rotten pooch?

No, we don’t – but, we believe that our regular human bandanas look great on dogs and cats. What pet wouldn’t appreciate the thoughtful gift of a USA-made bandana? 

Is it spelled “bandana” or “bandanna”?

Both are correct. You can also call them a kerchief, snot rag, or hankie. One small piece of cotton, lots of personality!